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How to Spot Employee Fraud in your Business

Your employees are the backbone of your company; you trust them to be reliable, loyal, and honest in order to keep your business running at its optimal capacity. Employee fraud ...
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How Can a Private Investigator Help in Your Divorce?

Unfortunately, not all fairy tale marriages end in a happily ever after. Given that the average length of a marriage in Canada is only about 14 years, the D-word has ...
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The Top 9 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

We’ve seen the cheating scenarios play out time and time again: in the melodramatic soap operas, in our favourite Hollywood flicks, and spilling out of trashy celebrity tabloid magazines…and yet ...
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Dangers of Online Dating Scams: Love at First “Swipe”

While most of us have experienced the frantic butterflies and giddy elation that accompany a first date, the reality of it is, the dating game has changed dramatically within the ...
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5 Situations When You Should Request a Background Check

Now let’s get one thing straight: background checks are not only about uncovering dirt of an individual’s personal life. Nor are they solely intended to uncover skeletons in one’s closet, ...
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How Can a Private Investigator Help with a Child Custody Case?

The truth is: sh** happens and guess what? Divorce happens. When children are involved, the situation can become more intense and challenging. When two people agree to terminate their marriage, ...
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