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Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto Is Your Trusted Expert Private Investigation and Surveillance Agency

Star Quality Private Investigations has been making people’s lives better by unleashing the power of the truth for several decades.  We are a nationally recognized and respected brand, that individuals, corporations and legal teams can count on. Our Private Investigators have decades of specialized law enforcement experience, in tandem with high-level investigative research, undercover and mobile surveillance skills. We produce superior, confidential results, while always protecting our client’s privacy. All of the evidence we obtain is done in a legal manner and is admissible with a court of law. With consistent Live Feed Updates and clear communication, you are kept up to date in real-time, throughout your entire case. In a world of unknowns, Star Quality Private Investigations is a Trusted Partner for all your Personal, Professional and Legal Private Investigations needs.

Everyone’s Story Is Unique. Everyone’s Details Are Different. That’s why we customize a plan that best suites you. We put you first and keep you in the loop of every single update. That is the Power of being In the Know. "Let's Solve It Together" is our modern day movement of providing exceptional support, while finding your truth.

As Industry Leaders, Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto has 28 skilled private investigators, with over 400 years of combined results-driven experience. We provide every client with evidence they need, want and deserve to move through their current situation. Let’s all discover, why no lie is safe. Our Team of Private Investigators work the toughest cases in Toronto, as well as greatly appreciate the simplest requests for information. We are here to help you get life right, even when it’s trying to push you backwards. Like a Good Friend, The Team at Star Quality Private Investigations is always there for you. Count On Us.

The Most Trusted Brand for All Your Private Investigation Solutions

The Right Relationship is Everything. With several decades of experience, we definitely have your back  Proudly rated as the #1 Private Investigation agency, our long history of success speaks for itself. We understand that Expertise, Results and Confidentiality, is crucial and key, in every case. The commitment to delivering every client with exceptional client care, in tandem with guaranteed results, is what makes Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto your trusted agency of choice. Every matter is handled with respect and integrity, while providing our clients with a crystal clear channel of communication throughout the entire process. We are the only agency province-wide, to provide real-time, live updates. Our Case Managers truly care about your situation and want you involved every step of the way. As industry leaders, we arm you with the evidence you deserve in the fastest, most economical way.

Why Choose Us As Your Trusted Investigation Partner?

Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto is Canada’s Preferred Expert Private Investigator and Surveillance Agency. You are not just another case number to us. People contact our investigation agency when their lives, families or business situations are at risk of falling apart or changing significantly in an unwanted manner. We care and are just as emotionally invested in your investigation as you are.  Our multi-decade experienced Case Managers are Toronto’s most skilled Expert Private Investigators, who move quickly to identifying any kind of personal or legal threat.  Star Quality Private Investigations immediately implements a  customized Investigation & Risk Management Plan which guarantees our clients results and success.

Every individual's interaction is a calming, professional experience and handled with the upmost respect, empathy and confidentiality. We provide every client with evidence they need and want to move through their current situation. We built our Agency’s reputation by providing fast, accurate answers in an economical, discreet manner.

The private investigators and specialized security-trained professionals behind our services are carefully selected, with core values that align with the agency and personal reputations that ensure the SQPI brand, as an industry-leading service provider, are not compromised.

Star Quality Private Investigations’ Team is composed of former and retired police Sergeants and Detectives from various police services across Ontario, bringing expert-level skills and specialized experience in both investigations and security. This accomplished team contributes expertise from a diverse background garnered from their success in the following policing units:

Undercover and Mobile Surveillance | Criminal Investigation Bureau | Homicide and Missing Persons Bureau | Intelligence Services | Emergency Support Services | Major Fraud Bureau |

Team members are well-versed in court proceedings, courtroom etiquette, testifying, and the level of compelling evidence required to truly support a successful outcome in legal matters. Their backgrounds offer a consistency in exemplary soft skills, across the team, innate to optimizing business and client success. Soft skills of discipline, professionalism, moral and ethical behaviour, compassion, integrity, dedication to helping those in need, inter-personal communications, and a commitment to truth combine with extensive, top-tier training to forge the cornerstone elements for the performance excellence of SQPI.


The exceptional investigative experience of the SQPI Team led to the creation of our UCIP©. A true differentiator within the investigation industry; this plan produces the highest success rate industry-wide and is truly a SQPI trade secret.</p


STEER® service plan captures the consistency benchmark in service deliverables clients trust in when working with our premiere investigation and security teams.


ACE® transparency of service program is the pinnacle in measuring deliverables for this industry and SQPI delivers. Through a custom-designed, Internet-based process developed by SQPI exclusively, clients safely experience a 'ride-along' view of the surveillance with real time updates and in-the-moment communication with the investigator, for more robust and well informed in-field operations. Clients are empowered to follow the action as it unfolds. This direct insight to active operations means that the UCIP© can be altered with the greatest clarity and client direction can be received as the moment is unfolding. Putting this level of active control into the clients' hands means that the cost of service is mitigated, duration of investigation is better-managed and clients garner tremendous trust in our business performance.

Our Investigation Team is nationally recognized as industry leaders, which we credit to our Expert Private Investigators who are highly-skilled with former law enforcement experience.  Partner with us for all your Investigation and Surveillance matters. Meet with Our Team at one of our offices in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Burlington, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, New Market, Markham or across Canada, at one of our Legal Partners offices near you.

All of our evidence is admissible in a court of law and several other governing bodies. Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto provides video and photography evidence date and time stamped, live witness testimony and statements, as well as written reports and affidavits.

"The Team at Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto cares about our community. We strongly believe it is a collective responsibility to help improve outcomes for children, youth, women and families who need support.  We currently contribute to the Women’s Auxiliary of The Hospital For Sick Children, The Toronto Children’s Breakfast Club and The Women & Children Social Networking Foundation."

"Our Expert Team Consists of All Former Police Detectives Who Are Proud To Be The First & Only PI Firm with Live Feed Updates. Watch Your Investigation Real Time Today!! Our Commitment is to provide results and knowledge through confidential, customized private investigation services that empower individuals, legal teams and corporations. An Expert Private Investigator is available 24/7 to speak with you about your case. Call Now!!"

Vision. Decision. Action. Results.

The Experts. The Pros. The Expert Private Investigator Team. Star Quality Private Investigtions empowers you to make important decisions based on factual, investigative information. Our Results Are An Excellent Reflection Of Our Expertise. There are some things money cannot buy, like Truth and Peace of Mind. Because your well-being is worth it.

Knowledge is Power. Choose Expertise. Choose Excellence. Choose Results.

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