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We are an Award-Winning Private Investigation Agency serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, the GTA and the Province of Ontario. Built on trust, expertise and integrity, Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto is a full service firm for over two decades. Our investigative team is comprised exclusively of male and female former law enforcement detectives, sergeants and executives. Our ability to produce superior, confidential results while maintaining a dedication to your privacy, has elevated us to a nationally recognized and respected brand that individuals, corporations and legal teams can count on.

Canada's Award-Winning Expert Private Investigators In Toronto

Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto is an Award-Winning Canadian*, full-service Private Investigation firm. We have been serving individuals, corporations, families, insurance companies, and legal teams in Toronto since 1998, with a 99.8% record of success. As one of the first women-led Private Investigations and Security businesses in Toronto, Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto has earned a stellar agency reputation, attributing its success to its expert Private Investigators, its commitment to transparency, and its approach to handling each case with compassion, professionalism, and care.

Our Team
Our Investigative Team in Toronto comprises exclusively former law enforcement personnel with an unmatched level of combined investigative experience. Each member of the team brings a unique skill set from their specialized unit, which they apply to each and every operation. We provide them with the best tools and resources available today, along with continuous training and skills upgrading. Our goal is to hire the best of the best Private Investigators in the GTA and keep them at the top of their game.

Our Approach: Professionalism, Expertise, and Persistence with a Personalized Focus
Our clients are incredibly diverse, but they all have the same goal: getting to the truth in their specific case. With that in mind, we tailor our approach to each client’s needs. When the investigation involves their private or family life, getting to the truth can be an emotional journey: even though they’re searching for answers, those answers are not always easy to hear. SQPI supports clients who find themselves in significant moments of crisis, balancing our tactical activities with empathetic client care while delivering high-quality results that allow clients to move forward with their lives.

How We Can Help
As highly experienced Private Investigators in Toronto, we have extensive experience with every type of Investigation. If you have a problem that you haven’t been able to solve on your own, we can get clarity for you. Whether you’re concerned about a cheating partner, a missing loved one, a prospective employee, a potential business partner, fraud against your business, a personal or business security risk, a divorce, a child custody dispute, or a new love interest, we can uncover all the details you need, and provide you with evidence that will help you succeed in court.

Using our expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we bring a fuzzy picture into focus. Our final report will come with all the details you’ll need to make sound decisions, get your business on the right track, reunite you with loved ones, settle your legal disputes, and give certainty to navigate the rough waters. Think of us as your partner in steering the ship and helping you find a safe harbour.

Why Choose Our Toronto Private Investigator Team?

Star Quality Private Investigations® has over two decades of experience as Private Investigators in Toronto and the GTA. Here is why we should be your top choice for your investigation:

We are leaders in the industry.
Star Quality Private Investigations® is at the forefront of incorporating new technologies and methods into our operations. We equip our Private Investigators with the precision tools and latest techniques they need to do what they do best. As respected leaders in Private Investigations in Toronto, we hire only the best of the best former law enforcement officers, who have similar core strengths, but also a diversity of specialized skills and experience gained in the units they trained and served with.

We get results quickly.
You need answers now! We will start on your case as soon as we have received the relevant information from you and have consulted with you on an investigation plan. From your initial call to us, we can start our investigation in a matter of days.

We are here for you.
We know that you have a lot at stake and that hiring a Private Investigator is not something you do lightly. Our guarantee to you is that we’ll handle your case with the individual care and attention it deserves.

Each client is unique to us.
When it comes to investigative services, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. Trust us. We recognize the need to customize every single case at no additional cost to our clients. We tailor our methods to each case, ensuring we uncover everything that’s out there to uncover.

Private Investigator Toronto FAQs

When you can’t get the answers you need on your own, and it’s affecting your business or personal life, you need a Private Investigator. A Private Investigator is an asset whenever you need to verify information, protect yourself, your loved ones or your business, or obtain photographic or video evidence for a legal matter. We help clients across the Greater Toronto Area seeking personal and corporate investigative services, including family law, child custody, divorce investigations, cheating spouses, questionable behaviour, addiction, fraud, fraudulent insurance claims, fake WSIB injuries, and any legal matter requiring professionally collected evidence. You name it, we’ve seen it. No case is too complex for our Toronto Private Investigations Team.

The cost of your investigation will depend on how much information you need and how long you want the investigation to run. With Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto, you determine how much or how little you want to spend. We are the only Agency in Toronto with an all-inclusive hourly rate for surveillance and investigative research, and we DO NOT CHARGE FOR KILOMETRES AND OTHER EXTRAS. Our hourly rate includes a senior private investigator, kilometers, gas, supplies, USB of all high-resolution 4K video and photography evidence and, of course, our exclusive live feed updates.

Additional services such as GPS rental, background checks, person locates, and skip tracing are offered at a flat rate; other services are highly customized. In all cases, our aim is to perform our services as quickly and effectively as possible, not only to save you from waiting for answers but to work within or under your budget. As part of our commitment to serving as your trusted, transparent partner, all costs or fees will be shared with you prior to executing any of your services.

Private Investigators are highly trained and experienced in collecting time-stamped and legally obtained video footage or photography evidence that can be used in court, as well as witness testimonials, background checks, asset searches, and affidavits. All evidence can be accompanied by written reports supporting all findings if requested. Our team members can attend your court case to present our findings where necessary.

Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto can deal with the police directly but will only do so at the client’s request. Some of our clients suspect that the subject of their investigation is, or could be, involved in some kind of illegal activity, but they do not want the police involved. Other clients look to our Private Investigators in Toronto for help getting evidence they can present to the police. If that’s what you need, we will assemble a package with reports, photos, video footage and other evidence that you or your Investigator can take to your local police. Our clients are always in the driver’s seat of their investigations, and they determine who sees the collected evidence, whether that includes the police or not.

The industry is governed by Ontario’s Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, which sets out the rules and regulations that Private Investigators must follow and a Code of Conduct they must abide by. Regulation of the industry is carried out by Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General, which also controls licensing. To work as a private investigator in Ontario, you must undergo training, pass a licensing exam, and keep your license current. Private Investigations agencies must also be licensed.

It is legal to follow someone and to take photographs and video if the person is in public. It is not legal to observe, photograph, or video someone in a place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in their home or in a public bathroom stall. Our Investigators are thoroughly versed in where that line is and will never cross it, no matter the situation. This includes following all Canadian and Ontario privacy laws, including The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), laws governing the use of GPS equipment, laws that restrict access to cell phone records, and laws that protect other electronic documents and data. Following these laws is important not only from an ethical standpoint but to ensure that your evidence will be admissible in court.

Their industry Code of Conduct and their own professional integrity prevent Private Investigators from disclosing anything about your case to people you have not personally authorized. In extremely rare cases, the name of a name of a client is disclosed when a court order requests information about the investigation, but we will prepare you for this if it occurs.

Absolutely. Our Private Investigators will ensure that any evidence they collect meets the standards of the courts in Ontario and Canada. Since all our investigators are former law enforcement personnel, they are well versed in what does and does not qualify as admissible evidence for legal purposes. Their primary goal will be to gather as much incontrovertible evidence as they can to support your case. Your Private Investigations professional can absolutely come to court to present the evidence they collected for you if that will help your case.

If you trust us with your case, we will start your investigation immediately. We know that by the time our clients hire a private investigator, they may have been thinking about it for weeks, months, or possibly years. Therefore, immediate action and answers are imperative. Following our first contact with you, within 1-3 hours, we start assembling your investigation plan and immediately move into the execution phase.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and highly communicative with our clients throughout every phase of the investigation process. As industry leaders, we are credited with being the only Private Investigation Agency offering Live Feed Updates at no additional cost. This live feed provides our clients with real-time updates as we progress through your case.

Choose Expertise. Choose Excellence. Choose Results

You are not just another case number to us.  Our multi-decade-experienced Case Managers are Toronto’s Best Private Investigators. Every individual’s interaction is a calming and professional experience and is handled with the utmost knowledge, empathy, and confidentiality. Contact us today to discuss your case and how we can quickly help you get the answers you need.