Thinking about hiring a Private Investigator? You probably have many questions before deciding if this is the right course of action for you. This guide will answer your most pressing questions about Private Investigators and their work.

Is It Legal to Hire a Private Investigator in Ontario?

Yes, it is legal to hire a Private Investigator in all Canadian provinces! In Ontario, the Private Investigations industry is closely regulated by the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch of the Ministry of the Solicitor General for Ontario, which issues licenses for Private Investigators and Private Investigations agencies. The professionals who work in this industry are well-versed in the regulations and ethical guidelines that govern and guide their work and will always ensure that they and their clients are on the right side of the law.

Is It Worth It to Hire a Private Investigator?

Whether it is worth hiring a Private Investigator depends on the specifics of your case and the goals of the investigation. There are several factors to consider:

  • What it will cost if you don’t hire a Private Investigator. This may mostly apply to businesses facing potential losses due to fraud or theft. For example, if you have been losing inventory but don’t know why, a Private Investigator can use surveillance and other techniques and technological tools to find out what’s behind it. You may also be at risk for fraud in your personal life, such as being defrauded by a romantic interest or by someone claiming to be a relative needing money. A Private Investigator can conduct a background check on them to ensure they are who they say they are.
  • The agency’s cost structure. Some agencies charge a flat fee for specific services, while others charge by the hour. Expenses such as gas and meals might be charged separately or could be included in the flat or hourly fees. Ask the agencies you’re considering hiring for a complete list of everything you could be charged for, including ancillary services such as court appearances.
  • Your peace of mind. Answering questions plaguing you has significant value, even if that can’t be calculated in dollars and cents. When you hire a Private Investigator, you’re investing in your mental and emotional health, which is always money well spent.
  • Whether there are alternative ways of getting the same result. There may be a way to get answers without hiring a Private Investigator. Could you use publicly available records? Do you have other resources, such as your lawyer, who could help you with your current situation? Review your options, read more about what a Private Investigator can do, and compare your potential courses of action.

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost in Ontario?

The cost of Private Investigations services is highly variable. It depends on the complexity of your case, how long it will take to close it, and the resources the Private Investigator will need to use throughout the investigation.

Reputable agencies will give you a quote for their services. This is typically a range within which your final invoice will fall, barring anything unusual. If the investigation needs to be expanded or extended, they will review this with you before proceeding.

Can a Private Investigator Take Pictures of you in Your Home in Canada?

It is illegal for anyone to photograph or video-record a person if they are in a place where they have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” This includes some obvious places such as your own bathroom, the change rooms in a clothing store, or a massage therapist’s treatment room. However, in some cases, the expectation of privacy isn’t as straightforward. For example, if you are in a street-level motel room with the drapes open and undress in front of the window, you may not have the same expectation of privacy.

Is It Safe to Hire a Private Investigator?

In Canada, the Private Investigations industry is highly regulated. You can expect that your Investigator won’t do anything that could endanger you or someone else. That said, you should check to ensure they are properly licensed before hiring them. In Ontario, you can see the status of any Private Investigator’s license through Service Ontario.

Can I Trust a Private Investigator with My Personal Information?

Licensed Private Investigators in Ontario take confidentiality and privacy very seriously and follow strict protocols to protect their clients’ privacy and the information gathered before and during the investigation. They are also bound by a professional code of ethics and must follow strict guidelines to ensure their investigations are conducted legally and ethically.

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