We are an Award-Winning Private Investigation Agency serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, the GTA and the Province of Ontario. Built on trust, expertise and integrity, Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto is a full service firm for over two decades. Our investigative team is comprised exclusively of male and female former law enforcement detectives, sergeants and executives. Our ability to produce superior, confidential results while maintaining a dedication to your privacy, has elevated us to a nationally recognized and respected brand that individuals, corporations and legal teams can count on.

What Does A Private Investigator Do During Surveillance?

Surveillance is the most effective and reliable form of investigation and evidence collection because, simply put, VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY DOES NOT LIE!!!  Surveillance consists of constant, precise, and discreet observation of a person, place, or vehicle, in order to gather evidence pertaining to an investigation. Surveillance can be either mobile or fixed and are most often covert/undercover operations; all forms of surveillance can be captured on video footage.

Surveillance is used as an investigative technique in virtually every form of investigation, from cheating spouse investigations to child custody investigations as well as corporate and workplace related disputes.

We are proud to serve clients from a broad scope of industries and sectors. We perform personal and corporate investigations, including Corporate, Insurance, WSIB and any other legal matter you would need assistance with. With a robust network of partners country-wide. Star Quality Private Investigations® can perform surveillance investigation services wherever your case takes us!

  • Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Investigations
  • Child Custody & Family Law Investigations
  • Child, Teenager, and Elderly Safety & Wellness Check
  • Corporate & WSIB Investigations
  • Asset, Property & Hidden Financial Investigations
  • Legal Support, Court & Litigation Investigations
  • Missing Person. & Locate Investigations
  • Counter Surveillance, Home, Vehicle & Property Sweep Services
  • Questionable Sexual Behaviour Investigation
  • Skip Tracing & Process Serving

Can Surrvilence Footage Help My Court Case?

Absolutely. Video and photographic evidence captured through a surveillance operation can be used within a court of law and any other governing body. The Star Quality Private Investigations® team is skilled in ensuring that all surveillance-gathered evidence is time-stamped and presented in a professional manner that abides by all legal requirements. Further, all evidence can be accompanied by written reports supporting all findings upon request. Where necessary, our team members can attend your court case to present our findings.

Why Choose Star Quality Private Investigations® For Surviellence Services?

As a world class private investigations agency, Star Quality Private Investigations® has perfected the art of investigation by assembling a team of experts, maintaining a dedication to the customer experience, and evolving our services in line with technological advancements. Below are the top reasons why we continue to be the leading Private Investigation Agency for Surveillance Services in Toronto:

A Team of Investigative Leaders:

We don't mean to toot our own horn, but our Surveillance Team is comprised exclusively of Expert Investigation Rockstars. All of our men and women Private Investigators are former law enforcement detectives with an unmatched level of combined years of mobile surveillance experience. Each member of the team brings a diverse and unique skill set from their specialized unit, which they apply to each and every operation.  These male and female investigators are the heart and soul of our agency. We are proud of the integrity, expertise and empathy that they bring to every case.

An Immediate Response:

When you approach Star Quality Private Investigations® with a problem, our response is immediate. Opposed to operating through a “next in line” approach, we do things a little differently. We have come to understand that by the time many of our clients make the choice to hire a private investigator, they have been thinking about it for weeks, months, or possibly even years. Therefore immediate action and answers are imperative. Following our first contact with you, within 1-3 hours we start assembling your Investigation & Risk Management Plan. We quickly move into the execution phase because your time is important to us. Exhale, you won’t be kept waiting for answers. We take care of you immediately.

A Customized Approach:

Understanding that no two cases are the same, we present each of our clients with a customized approach, tailored to your unique needs. Your Investigation & Risk Management Plan serves as a playbook for our team members and allows you to see each component of our proposed solution.  Get you the answers you’re looking for, immediately!Each case demands a unique combination of techniques and investigative tools: while some clients require a mix of surveillance, GPS tracking, and a background check…in other cases video surveillance footage will provide all the answers you need and want.

Live Feed Updates:

As industry leaders, we are credited to be the first and only Private Investigation Agency who offers Live Feed Updates, at no additional cost. What really sets us apart, is our dedication to the customer experience. As your trusted partner, we pride ourselves on being transparent and extremely communicative with our clients throughout every phase of the investigation process. We achieve this through our live feed, which provides you with real-time updates as we progress through your case and the surveillance operation. You will know when we arrive on location, once we’ve spotted our subject, and each time they move. Think of it like riding shotgun with an expert private investigator!

Choose Expertise. Choose Excellence. Choose Results.

You are not just another case number to us.  Our multi-decade experienced Case Managers are Toronto’s Best Private Investigators. Every individual’s interaction is a calming experience and handled with the upmost knowledge, empathy and confidentiality.

Call us now at 416-884-5100 to get a free, no-obligation quote, and to learn how our leading surveillance services can get you the answers you need, want, and deserve!