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Star Quality Private Investigations is an Award-Winning Canadian, full-service private investigation agency. We have been helping individuals, corporations, families and, legal teams and local businesses, across the GTA, for over two decades. Private Investigation is one of the most diverse industries in its clientele, whom collectively are all seeking one common outcome, the truth within their specific story, as proven through compelling evidence captured by investigators. 

Undoubtedly, the most emotionally charged journey to truth is typically found within an individual's private life. SQPI supports clients that often find themselves in significant moments of crisis; yet needing to determine the core truth of their circumstances. Our services seamlessly navigate and balance the tactical activities and emotional support required to deliver quality results through these services:

Infidelity & Relationship Investigation | Family Law Custody Investigation | Family Law Divorce Investigation | Infidelity |Youth & Senior Wellness Checks | Corporate Investigation | Executive Protection |Surveillance | Background Searches | Statement Procurement | GPS Tracking | Skip Tracing & Process Serving | Missing Persons | Cold Case Investigations 

SQPI Delivers Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

The Team at Star Quality Private Investigations is composed exclusively of Former Police Sergeants and Detectives from various police services across Ontario. Each male and female private investigator compliments the agency with their own expert-level skills and experience, from specialized policing units. This accomplished Team of front-line workers offer our clients years of real-life investigative experience.

Whether providing undercover surveillance, performing in-depth background checks, or presenting secured evidence within a courtroom, each of our Case Managers and Private Investigators provide unparalleled expertise and professionalism, in tandem with empathetic guidance. People helping people, in your time of need.

Best Private Investigator Toronto

Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Proudly, we are one of the first and longest licenced Female Owned & Led Private Investigation Firms in Toronto. Our Team is made up of Ontario’s top male and female private investigator talent which help make up our dynamic team. The diversity of our workforce has always been a priority in providing our clients a strong standard of service, particularly within a male-dominated industry. Many of our clients, particularly those navigating a traumatic experience, take comfort in working alongside a female investigator, and we are proud to be able to provide all our clients with a level of service that feels like a perfect fit.

The cultural fabric of our Team reflects the diverse, vibrant GTA community within which we have planted our roots. With multiple languages spoken within our team of Private Investigators, we strive to seamlessly adapt to the language needs and cultural sensitivities of all clients. In the event that we don’t have an internal staff member who speaks your language of preference, we have access to a wide range of interpreters who can help us understand your exact needs.

Why Choose Us As Your Private Investigation Partner?

Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto was the honoured recipient of the RBC's Best Canadian Business of the Year Award!  What an absolute privilege just to be nominated, let alone to win this award.

Confidentiality, Integrity, Empathy and Respect is the core belief system of our business. We provide every client with the clarity they need and want to move through their current situation. This commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients has allowed us to earn the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau for Excellence in Service.

As Industry Leaders we pride ourselves on continuously maintaining an A+ Rating for providing Superior Results, in tandem with consistent, authentic, Five Star Ratings with Google. With a long history of success, we understand that honesty and discretion is paramount to helping our clients secure quality evidence: this reputation of exceptional customer service paired with outstanding results is what makes Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto your Trusted Agency of Choice.

Our approach to family law and corporate investigations is unique in the industry, as we develop bespoke investigation solutions based on the individual needs, timeline and budget of our clients. Each Risk Management and Investigation Plan is One-of-a-Kind, and our trade secret for delivering better results, faster.

As well as perfecting the art of investigation, we have aligned our teams with some of the top Canadian Family Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law and Civil Litigation Attorneys. This allows our Agency, as well as our clients, to have unlimited access to their knowledge, expertise and resources, anytime we need them. This partnership is a very unique, complimentary perk to our clientele.

A Star is Born

Why Star Quality? Our Investigation Agency began as a firm specializing in executive protection, working with a high-ranking roster of A-list celebrities and musicians, professional athletes, production companies, dignitaries, and business executives. While our service offering has expanded to all facets of investigation services for all walks of life, our unwavering dedication to every client remains the same. You don’t have to be Mick Jagger, Bono, or Samuel L. Jackson to experience the Star Quality difference.

Star Quality Private Investigations
Star Quality Private Investigations

Star Quality Private Investigations Cares About Their Community.

At the core of our Toronto-based Private Investigation Agency, is a deep commitment to giving back and supporting each of the communities we serve. By helping to foster positive, trusting relationships among individuals and families across the Greater Toronto Area, we in turn deepen our understanding of the unique needs of each of these communities, helping us be more responsive investigation partners and community members! In short, the more we give, the stronger we become. 

Star Quality Private Investigations

As one of the leading Toronto Investigation Agencies specializing in the provision of Family Law Investigations, we have chosen to align our core community embracement initiatives around providing support for women, youth, and families. Particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, women and youth have been disproportionately disadvantaged, with surging rates of gender-based violence reported across the country. The mental health of both women and youth has also suffered tremendously over the course of the pandemic, and we are committed to offering resources and support to those who are adversely impacted.

  • 40% of youth met the screening criteria for illnesses such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, according to an Oct 2020 study in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Among those youth who were already dealing with mental health issues, the number jumped to over 68%.
  • Nearly a quarter of women have indicated experiencing moderate to severe anxiety and loneliness, compared to only about 17% of men, according to an October 2020 survey by The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. 

As well as providing financial support to foundations that are tackling these causes head-on, Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto is deeply committed to offering resources to our private investigation clients. Recognizing that the vast majority of individuals and families who approach us requesting investigation services are navigating highly sensitive, emotionally complex situations, we expanded our service offering to provide Case Support & Life Coaching  The Team of Case Managers are led by the Director of Star Quality Private Investigations, who is a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C) through the amazing Anthony Robbins.  The program has proven to be highly effective in helping those who feel lost or helpless, find light in their darkest times. 


Honouring the Individuals & Communities Who Have Supported Us For Decades

“Through my experience with high conflict family law investigations, I recognized there were a lot of people in pain who could benefit from the knowledge and experience I collected along the way. Day after day, year after year, people gifted me the privilege to share their most difficult life journey. They share their heartaches, trials, tribulations, and strength, while navigating through infidelity, divorce, child custody, co-parenting, the loss of a child, addiction and so much more. I feel blessed to be a part of their journey and healing. Through strategic intervention coaching, I am able to provide people with the undeniable power we all have inside of us.”

~Adrianne Fekete, C.L.C, Director of Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto

Do you have a cause that you would like us to support within any of the areas we serve (Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Thornhill, Markham, Brampton, Burlington)? We’d love to learn more. Reach out to any member of our Private Investigation Team today, 

A Spirit of Giving Back

"The Team at Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto cares about our community. We strongly believe it is a collective responsibility to help improve outcomes for children, youth, women and families who need support.

We are proud to give back to the following foundations who provide invaluable support to vulnerable women, children, and families in the Greater Toronto Area.

Women’s Auxiliary of The Hospital for Sick Children was founded in 1950. The Women’s Auxiliary Volunteers (WAV) work hard to provide supplementary support and care to the patients and families at the Hospital for Sick Children, as well as raise funds towards other clinical, research, and learning endeavours of SickKids. Notable initiatives include the WAV PlayPark, the Bravery Bead program, and the 5Fifty5 Shop.

The Toronto Children’s Breakfast Club helps children throughout our community by providing healthy meals to local schools across the GTA, turn fostering positive experiences for young hungry minds!  The Toronto Children’s Breakfast Club at present serves over 5,000 meals per week within over 27 communities, as well as facilitating educational, cultural, and recreational activities within the schools served.

The Women & Children Social Networking Foundation | The mission of this foundation is to provide children, youth, women, and families with valuable mentoring programs, workshops and seminars that address specific issues or challenges faced by these groups. Topics of focus include anger management, conflict resolution, and effective communication, to name a few.

Have questions about our current support initiatives, or looking for support for a cause that aligns with our mission? Please reach out to our team today!

Star Quality Private Investigations Scholarship Programs

The Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto team is proud to announce our 2021 Scholarship Programs, available to Canadian students for the 2021-2022 school year. Our hope is that this financial assistance encourages young adults to realize their potential through educational opportunities. Applicants for any of our scholarship programs must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and enrolled in a Canadian College or University for the 2021/2022 school year.

Uplifting youth, women and all individuals to reach their goals today, helps create more dynamic communities tomorrow.

Financial strains shouldn’t be a barrier to a higher education. We love watching the recipients of our scholarships achieve the success and confidence that they deserve.


Star Quality Private Investigations

This type of case support is exactly what I needed during my volitale divorce family law case. It was extremely difficult on myself and my children, but I needed to be the brave one. A big huge thank you to Adrianne and my case manager for helping me through this mess. I. couldn't have done it without you guys xo

Anthony Macucci

Vaughan, Ontario

Star Quality Private Investigations

Simply the best!! Big thank you Adrianne for the kindness you have shown me during the most difficult time of my life. Three months later I feel so incredibly free of my past.

Catherine Malin

Toronto, Ontario

Star Quality Private Investigations

I have gone through hell and back in the last year.  Adrianne is so compassionate and empathetic. Her knowledge and expertise helped me live me true self. I will be forever grateful.

Steven Davies

Mississauga, Ontario

Star Quality Private Investigations

I decided to continue working on myself after a nasty divorce.  I had trust issues and thought this was the end of the road for me. I learned to love myself and live in gratitude. Recently I decide that I was able to forgive those who hurt me. This was a gift for myself because I am worthy of love. 

Cynthia Ferland

Oakville, Ontario

Choose Expertise. Choose Excellence. Choose Results.

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