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The Team at Star Quality Private Investigations is composed exclusively of Former Police Sergeants and Detectives from various police services across Ontario. Each investigator compliments the agency with their own expert-level skills and  experience, from specailized policing units. This accomplished Team of men and women offer our clients years of real-life knowledge to every investigation.  Proudly, we are one of the first, and longest licenced, Female Owned Private Investigation Firms in Toronto.  Confidentiality, Integrity, Empathy and Respect is the core belief system of our business. We provide every client with the clarity they need and want to move through their current situation. 

Star Quality Private Investigations has been exceeding client’s expectations for several decades and has the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau for Excellence in Service. As Industry Leaders we pride ourselves on continuously maintaining an A+ Rating for providing Superior Results, as well as allowing our authentic, Five Star Ratings with Google. With a long history of success, we understand that Honesty and Discretion is paramount in every case. Our commitment to delivering honest, exceptional customer service in tandem with outstanding evidence, is what makes Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto your Trusted Agency of Choice. 


Why Choose Us?

Star Quality Private Investigations is a World Class Private Investigation and Surveillance Team, Custom Built For You. With decades of exceptional investigative experience, we are a brand that is Trusted and Respected by individuals and corporations. Our Unique Customized Investigation Plan produces the highest success rate, industry wide and is truly our trade secret, that our clients have come to depend on. We are incredibly fortunate to have an amazing team of Private Investigators that have decades of law enforcement backgrounds and possess superior undercover and mobile surveillance experience. All of our men and women Private Investigators are former Sergeants and Detectives from police services in the Greater Toronto Area. These accomplished front line workers have the highest-level of experience serving in various units such as:  Criminal Investigation Bureau, Homicide and Missing Persons Bureau, Intelligence Services, Mobile Surveillance Services, Major Crimes Unit, Guns and Gang Task Force, Sex Crimes Unit, Major Fraud Bureau, and Emergency Support Services.

Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto is fortunate to be partnered with some of the Top Canadian Family Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law and Civil Litigation Attorneys. This allows our Agency, as well as our clients, to have unlimited access to their knowledge, expertise and resources, anytime we need them. This partnership is a very unique, complimentary perk to our clientele.

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