Karen W.

"Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto deserve the highest rating! I called Star Quality because I needed evidence that my husband was cheating. Adrianne answered the phone and within minutes got the ball rolling on my case. Within days I had both picture and video evidence of his infidelity. I was kept informed throughout every step of the investigation, by phone call or text. I was always aware of what was going on. Adrianne always answered my calls and texts, no matter what time of day or night. Their communication is fabulous.They helped me through the most difficult time of my life, listening to me and helping me see a new future for myself. The support she offered me during those heart wrenching moments is something I will always truly appreciate. I cannot thank Adrianne and the investigators at Star Quality enough. Their very professional team delivered the proof that I needed, and changed my life for the better! I highly recommend Star Quality for anyone in need of a private investigator. You will not be disappointed."

Niki A.

"I have used this firm for both corporate and personal services. This Agency is very communicative from the initial case in-take to the final closing and report stages. It didn’t matter what time of day or night I called, Adrianne was always there. A key factor that made this experience note worthy, is the live feed updates I receive during surveillance This is the only agency I could find who offered this service. It was important for me to be in the know during this process. The investment was worth its weight in gold and the evidence the investigators captured allowed my to win my cases hands down. All inclusive hourly rate with NO KILOMETRES was also a deciding factor as to why I hired them over others. I received high definition video/stills date and time stamped as well as professional reports, which were important my cases. I highly recommend this agency for anyone who needs evidence or answers. Five star rating from me for investigative and surveillance services."

Avery S.

"I contacted Star Quality because I needed a private investigator for a cheating husband. I was beyond thrilled with the efficiency and quality of work this company provided me. Since I have never used an investigation firm before I didn’t know what to expect. They definitely went above and beyond my expectations. Adrianne and her team provided a clear and professional plan from start to finish. Clearly the investigators are heavily experienced in the field and the claims that they are former law enforcement showed throughout the case. I will definitely use them again and already referred them to friends and colleagues who had private investigation needs. They shared that their experience was equally as efficient and smooth as my experience. We need more businesses like these guys who truly care about their clients. 10 star amazing!!!"

Catherine A.

"Star Quality PI not only delivers the results you want, but goes over and above to produce the evidence you need. I used their services to investigate a personal matter. Their investigation skills, expertise and recommendations uncovered life changing events. Adrianne's direction and guidance throughout the entire process steered me straight to the results I needed. Her service in particular is invaluable, both professionally and personally. I am now equipped with substantial proof to move forward legally and most importantly I am able to move forward personally. I wouldn't think twice to hire SQPI for anything in the future and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking credible, effective results."

Ralph K.

“Thank you for getting me the evidence I needed for my case. Their pricing is very fair especially considering the return on investment. The investigators are obviously skilled because my case was not an easy one. Excellent with their communication. The daily live feed updates is an amazing service. To see things unfold in real time is new and innovative. This is the second time I have hired Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto and highly recommend this agency for those who want results. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Jennifer T.

"I was in need of a private investigator to help me with a personal matter that I was not able to solve on my own. My company used Star Quality Private Investigators Mississauga to help them with a corporate matter and I was impressed with what they were able to do and how fast it was completed. I was looking for evidence in a family law issue. Everything they did for us and helped us with was fantastic including the great price, no extra charges, great communication and solid facts I can use. I will definitely use this company again. Thanks guys!"

Carter P.

"Amazing results and communication. I used this agency for a personal matter and they got me evidence the same day. Star Quality Investigations did such a great job I hired them for a legal case I had been working through. Their investigators got me video evidence that I needed to prove my case. My case did not end up going to court because of the evidence they collected. The other party settled out of court and I saved thousands of dollars in legal fees. 10 stars for this company!"

Victoria P.

"I had an excellent experience here. I called last minute and Adrianne helped me right away in a very empathetic manner and connected me with an investigator the next day to do surveillance. She responded to my messages after hours and even while she was caught up with other clients. I totally recommend this place to anyone who needs surveillance of any sort. They are timely, professional, empathetic and respond to customer needs in a very efficient way."

Smart G.

"LISTEN UP.. When you have finally had enough and need GOD TO COME DOWN ON EARTH to show you the way contact STAR QUALITY.. they are professional, confidential, emphatic, and they ARE GOING TO HELP YOU SEE THE LIGHT! They are going to UNMASK those who you trusted, they are going to bring peace in your life so you CAN TELL YOURSELF what you felt in YOUR GUTT was right ALL ALONG!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get closure"

Samuel M.

"From the first phone call with Adrianne she made me feel at ease and guided me though the whole process and seem to understand how I was feeling, incredible, she then set the plan within hours, and it started the next day. Her team are so professional in what they do, by 7:00 am I was getting live feed of information and photos this has brought me peace of mind and confidence, the whole experience has been wonderful and would not hesitate to recommend them."

Debra L.

"Recently I found myself in a situation that required the expertise of an investigation company. I felt vulnerable and my confidence had been erroded. When I cold called Star Quality and spoke to Adrianne.. I immediately felt she understood my situation and was very knowledgeable.. Adrianne has gone above and beyond which is an inspiration and speaks to the integrity and commitment of Adrianne and Star Quality team. I would highly recommend this company."

Jim C.

"I had an excellent experience here. I called last minute and Adrianne helped me right away in a very empathetic manner and connected me with an investigator the next day to do surveillance. She responded to my messages after hours and even while she was caught up with other clients. I totally recommend this place to anyone who needs surveillance of any sort. They are timely, professional, empathetic and respond to customer needs in a very efficient way."

Kathy R.

“I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for answers. I have never hired a private investigator before so I needed direction. I found them to be amazing with their knowledge, support and recommendations. Communication was second to none. They started immediately and got me answers very quickly. I will definitely use Star Quality Private Investigations Mississauga again in the future."

Robert R.

"Never thought I would need a private investigation company but unfortunately I did. Star Quality was recommended to me and after meeting with them I decided this was the company I would hire. They were successful in providing the documentation that was necessary, which I could not access on my own. Price was fair and discretion was key."

Marlene J. M.

"My family needed to inquire into a personal situation and this was the only route we had left. It was definitely the right choice for us and we appreciated the explanations and the updates on how this situation was handled. We recommend this business and appreciate what you were able to do for us."

Patricia J.

"This is my second time using this company. The first time was a personal matter and this time was a business matter. Same professionalism for both and quick results achieved. Hoping not to need you a third time but definitely would contact you again. Thank you"

Blair C.

“Simply the best. I used Star Quality Private Investigations Oakville for a difficult partnership dispute. They exceeded my expectations in what they uncovered. Clearly their team has the experience and knowledge that is needed for this type of case. Great job.”

Jain X.

"They were professional, courteous, and top of the investigation at all times. Very helpful and provided advice, coaching and counsel through this process. Responded to requests ASAP. It changed my perspective of the situation and helped me make better decisions. Will recommend then any time for any project."

Todd K.

“Star Quality Private Investigations Vaughan did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to family and associates as the full package deal. This team is full of cutting edge experts, with a strong passion and dedication to deliver the truth.”

Kesia S.

"First time I ever used this type of service but well worth it. Exceeded my expectations. Great communication and very fair with their pricing. In fact they went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Kept me involved every step of the way, sent pictures and details regularly."

Jessica E.

"Thanks again to the folks at Star Quality. This is the 3rd time I have used them and they continue to prove their ability to go above and beyond. They just served a client court documents that a process server couldn't do in 6 weeks. One day and done. Thanks guys!!"

Stephen H.

"Best expirence with an investigation firm during a really bad time in my life. Caught my wife with her boss. Unfortunate outcome however I highly recommend this company if your going through a similar circumstances."

Rhonda P.

"Absolutely exceptional experience, the team really helped to set my mind at ease. Respectful, sensitive and entirely professional engagement throughout the process. Thank you!"

Tyler J.

"Highly recommend this company, they are professional and really helpful throughout the entire process"