If you are considering marriage, you want to be sure that the person with whom you’re going to share your life is the right one. And certainly, love and emotions play the biggest role in finding that perfect spouse. But don’t overlook the help that can come from an impartial confirmation that all they tell you is true. 

That impartial information can come from many sources, but one of the most unfiltered and reliable is from a background check. After all, if your car loan company or an employer wants to do a background check, how much more so should a potential marriage partner? 

If you’re considering the added confidence that a background check could bring to your relationship, what sort of things can you learn from one? Here are five of the most common.

1. Criminal History

Just like an employer would want to ensure that the people they work with don’t have criminal tendencies, a spouse would want the same assurance. A criminal history check is one of the most common background checks, and it can be very reassuring. With some effort, you can often search records of arrests, convictions, and jail sentences as well as other public court records. 

2. Social Media Use

In today’s world, social media gives you an excellent insight into the mind, values, and goals of another person. While you may follow your loved one’s current public social media accounts, a good investigator can unearth older or less easily identifiable accounts that may shed new light on them. 

A quality background check can even help you understand your loved one through their other relationships. Unlike many records of a person’s life, social media links are often available to anyone without legal ramification. And looking through the lens of your partner’s friends or linked accounts can give you an unfettered view of their personality. 

3. Identity Checks

Identify fraud is not something that most potential spouses think about, but it’s a growing problem.

You should be looking for identity issues on two levels. First, you want to ensure that the person you marry is who they say they are and that they aren’t hiding aspects of their life from you. In addition, though, if they have suffered any identity theft issues, you’ll want to be informed since these could affect your shared life. 

4. Marital Status

Has your soon-to-be spouse been married before? Do they have kids? Do you have any concerns over how that prior relationship ended? If so, many records regarding marriages and divorce are easily obtained by a professional. If there is any possibility that your future spouse is not legally divorced from a prior marriage, learning this now will save time and frustration when you apply for your own marriage license. 

5. Financial Information

Sharing a life with a marriage mate means sharing financial responsibilities and entanglements. Some of these money matters can last for years or more, even if the marriage itself is ended. So, you deserve to know as much as you can about their true financial state. 

A background check can help you learn if they are seriously delinquent in state or federal taxes, if they’ve declared bankruptcy, and how their credit history is. This can have a big impact, since things like delinquent taxes can end up taking money from your own finances. Armed with this knowledge, you can take preventative measures such as avoiding the mingling of finances. 

Would you like to know more about any of these background checks? Consult with an experienced private investigator for the most thorough results and the simplest experience. The outside information you will glean will help you start off your marriage knowing that your partner is everything you hope them to be. To learn more, contact Star Quality Private Investigations® today.