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The Most Common Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Both people and businesses hire private investigators, and have been doing for centuries (since the mid-1800s, to be exact!). For some clients, it’s about protecting their assets, themselves, or their loved ones, and for others it’s about ensuring that they don’t get taken for a ride. The common thread is that everyone who hires a Private Investigator is in pursuit of the truth behind someone in their life.

Sometimes the truth is reassuring, but sometimes it’s difficult to hear and signals that there’s more discomfort on the horizon. But finding the truth is the first step in re-taking control of the story and getting back some peace of mind; it gives clients the clarity they need to move forward with confidence.

In this blog, we’re shedding light upon some of the most common reasons people hire a Private Investigator, and how we can uncover the evidence they’re looking for:

Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce and separation can be messy, emotional, and complex situations, especially when there are children involved. People who used to work together as a team are now competing for the same things: money and other assets, time with the children, and the right to make decisions about the children. If one of the spouses is lying about their finances, the other spouse doesn’t get what they deserve. If one of the spouses is an unfit parent, the other one needs to gather evidence to prove that to a judge.

Private Investigators are experts at securing information such as where someone is hiding assets, and how an unfit parent may be putting their children in danger through their actions. Using the right mix of surveillance techniques and other investigative methods, a Private Investigator can uncover and provide solid, legally-obtained evidence that will stand up in court.

Cheating Spouse Investigations for Infidelity Cases

Getting legally-admissible evidence to speed up a divorce or separation is just one of many reasons for getting an infidelity investigation. Sometimes our clients are just trying to figure out why their spouse is behaving differently or can’t be reached during the day. Getting clarity is important in both these cases, particularly when you consider that many infidelity investigation clients have carried the heavy burden of their suspicions for months or even years before seeking help!

It’s always nice when there’s an innocent explanation for the changes someone sees in their spouse, but even when it doesn’t work out that way, getting to the truth is the first step in getting to a better place in life. By hiring a Private Investigator to help you navigate your journey for the truth, the wronged spouse can get the clear answers they need to move on.

Employee Background Checks

Hiring a new employee is expensive. Between recruitment, onboarding, and training, companies are making a huge investment when they take on a new staff member. A background check is a way to ensure that money is spent on the right people. A background check is especially critical when the prospective employee will have access to sensitive information or will be handling valuable equipment or merchandise.

But that’s not the only reason to get a background check. If you’re going into business with someone, you definitely want to know that they have a good track record and a solid reputation before you join forces with them. People even get background checks on romantic partners when they’re considering taking it to the next level. So many relationships begin online, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are dating virtually for a long time before they meet in person. Are you sure that romantic connection is a real one, or could they be trying to catfish or defraud you?

Consider that much of what you know about a person is just the tip of the iceberg; background checks are effective in revealing everything lurking below the surface that may or may not be openly disclosed by the person in question. This may include employment verification, driving records, relationship status, asset searches, or a criminal record, to name a few.

Discover more about how background checks are used as an investigative tool in our blog: “When to Get a Background Check.”

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud is surprisingly common. We all know someone who had a real accident at work but was well enough to go back to work long before they actually did. In some instances, the person wasn’t seriously injured or injured at all. Companies spend a lot of money buying insurance to cover their employees when they’re sick or injured, and they want to be sure they’re spending that money wisely.

Many businesses lack the internal resources or expertise to deal with suspicions of benefit fraud, WSIB fraud, or any other matter regarding unwarranted disability claims. Private investigators are highly skilled at following suspected fraudsters and securing video and photographic evidence of them going about their day with no hint of an injury, allowing businesses or insurance companies to follow through with the appropriate penalty.

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

There are numerous reasons for hiring a Private Investigator to try to find someone. They might be in hiding because they owe money, or they might be an elderly person with memory problems who has wandered away from home. Children and teens sometimes run away, and occasionally employees go missing. Finding a missing person is a time-consuming task that requires knowledge, skill, and the right tools and connections; good Private Investigators have all these things, and more.

Skip Tracing usually begins with an in-depth background search to uncover as much information as possible about the missing person. This can include interviewing witnesses and close contacts of the person in question. This information is then analyzed and verified in order to locate them. Like all investigations, skip tracing strategies are highly customized to the unique circumstances and the goals of the client.


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