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We are an Award-Winning Private Investigation Agency serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, the GTA and the Province of Ontario. Built on trust, expertise and integrity, Star Quality Private Investigations® Toronto is a full service firm for over two decades. Our investigative team is comprised exclusively of male and female former law enforcement detectives, sergeants and executives. Our ability to produce superior, confidential results while maintaining a dedication to your privacy, has elevated us to a nationally recognized and respected brand that individuals, corporations and legal teams can count on.

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Getting You the Answers You Need, Want & Deserve
Ontario-based Star Quality Private Investigations® planted our roots in 1998, and since then we are proud to have to set the standard for providing clients in Ottawa and across the province with high quality, compelling evidence for personal, corporate or family law investigations.

Helping our clients navigate some of the most challenging circumstances, we owe our success to the strength of our team of Private Investigation Rockstars who have decades of specialized law enforcement experience, in tandem with high-level investigative skills. We are committed to providing you with a high-touch, personalized service, delivering superior, confidential results.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with a corporate investigation, struggling through a messy divorce, or suspect that your spouse may be cheating, our Ottawa Private Investigation Agency offers an extensive selection of services, delivered by a team of Investigation Experts with unmatched industry experience.

Discover how Ottawa’s leading Private Investigation team can help you secure the answers you need, when you need them most.

Corporate Fraud Investigations

Maintaining the reputation and integrity of your business is a key component to your long-term success as an organization. Breaches of trust – whether on behalf of your employees or clients – can result in significant loses that many businesses struggle to recover from. For this reason, our Corporate Investigation offering is designed to not only be reactive - helping you respond to suspicious behaviour - but also PROACTIVE. We work closely with our corporate clients to help you mitigate future breaches as your partners in risk management.

Quality Private Investigations is proud to specialize in Corporate Investigations tailored to the unique needs of Ottawa organizations within the Legal, Corporate, Insurance, Government, and Private Sectors. Serving as an “Undercover Boss”, our team of Private Investigators have helped these entitles improve day-to-day operations as well as secure quality evidence when corporate fraud, WSIB fraud, sabotage, or criminal/questionable behaviour is suspected.

Our team of former law enforcement professionals is highly skilled in providing leading Executive Protection services to our clients where necessary. Executive Protection specialists can provide a high-touch service beyond what is available by local law enforcement, identifying threats and offering round-the-clock surveillance and protection for a variety of corporate (i.e. CEO, VIP, Government Executive) or personal (i.e. cases of child or domestic abuse) situations.

All Ottawa Corporate Investigation services are completely customized to the needs, structure, and budget of each of the businesses and organizations we serve.

Family Law & Relationship Investigations

Obtaining evidence for the purpose of family law or infidelity allegations is an extremely niche form of investigation and should only be given to a firm you can trust who have the experience to back their promises for answers! Specializing in Family Law Investigations for over two decades, we are Ottawa’s industry leaders in uncovering hidden facts surrounding infidelity, substance abuse, child custody, divorce, fraud, hidden assets, and other legal issues.

Other Private Investigation Services in Ottawa

We are proud to be the only agency in Ottawa with an all-inclusive hourly rate for surveillance and investigative services; this includes a senior Private Investigator, kilometers, gas, mileage, supplies, equipment as well as a USB of all high resolution 4K video and photography evidence. Additional services such as GPS Tracking & Rental, Background Checks, Asset Searches, Employment Verification, Person Locates/Skip Tracing are offered at a flat discounted rate when booked in tandem with surveillance. Explore the full range of available Star Quality Private Investigations services available throughout Ottawa and the surrounding area;

Why Choose Our Ottawa Private Investigator Team?

Fast, Customized Approaches, Unmatched Expertise, Live Feed Updates…All Within Your Budget. We are proud to be the first-choice Private Investigation team for families, individuals, businesses and legal teams across Ottawa (and beyond!). For over two decades, we’ve maintained our reptation by putting you first; with Star Quality Private Investigations®, you’re not just another case number. A Perfect Fit. When it comes to investigative services, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. We understand that each of our clients come to us with unique timelines, investigative needs, emotions, budgets, and personal circumstances. We therefore prioritize creating an approach that is tailored to you, delivering results in the most efficient and economic manner possible! Our case managers develop a highly personalized Investigation & Risk Management Plan; this playbook outlines our customized approach to meet your goals, budget, and timeline. This allows you and our team members specific insight into the services and strategy involved to uncover the answers we are after.

Faster, and Better.

When it comes to Private Investigations of all natures, time is of the essence. The longer you wait for answers, the more challenging (and expensive) it can be to obtain the evidence you’re after. We therefore guarantee a swift response time, developing your Investigation & Risk Management Plan within only 1-3 hours of first contact with you. We then move directly into the execution phase, ensuring that you won’t be kept waiting for the answers you want, need, and deserve.

A key value-add of our service is your access to an Investigation Live Stream. Throughout every facet and turning point of your investigation, you’re kept updated and in control, like riding shotgun with your Private Investigator!

Ottawa’s Leaders.

Comprised exclusively of former law enforcement officers, our Ottawa Private Investigator team has a diverse range of highly specialized skills which they apply to each investigation. They are efficient and effective and work hard to maintain our 99.9% success rate at obtaining quality evidence for our clients.

Recognizing the often stressful circumstances of our clients, our team members manage each case with utmost compassion, expertise, guidance, and empathy.

ges – this means that you’ll never be charged for any extra services that arise throughout your investigation that you haven’t already approved.

Cost should never be a deterrent to uncovering the answers you deserve; we have specifically structured our services to make them as accessible as possible to everyone. Reach out to us today to learn how we can structure a Private Investigation in Ottawa within your budget.

Your Investigation, Your Budget.

As part of our dedication to serving as your trusted and transparent investigation partners, we commit to disclosing all costs and fees upfront without any hidden charges – this means that you’ll never be charged for any extra services that arise throughout your investigation that you haven’t already approved.

Cost should never be a deterrent to uncovering the answers you deserve; we have specifically structured our services to make them as accessible as possible to everyone. Reach out to us today to learn how we can structure a Private Investigation in Ottawa within your budget.

Questions About Our Services?

A Private Investigator is an asset in any situation in which you need to verify information, protect yourself or loved ones, or locate a missing person. We are proud to have curated a highly experienced and exceptionally skilled team of Experts who are able to meet the demands of a diverse range of clients, each with their own unique needs. We help those across the Ottawa region seeking personal and corporate investigative services, including insurance, WSIB, and any legal matter requiring professionally collected evidence. You name it, we’ve seen it.

No case is too complex for our Private Investigation Rockstars;contact Star Quality Private Investigations® Ottawa team with your concerns, and we’ll develop a customized plan to get you the peace of mind that you’re after.

The cost of your investigation service is typically dependent on the extent to the information you would like uncovered, as well as how long you would like the investigation to run. The exclusive feature about our Star Quality Investigations Ottawa, is that you determine how much or how little you want to spend. We are proud to be the only Agency in Ottawa with an all-inclusive hourly rate for surveillance and investigative research, and we DO NOT CHARGE FOR KILOMETERS AND OTHER EXTRAS. This hourly rate includes a senior private investigator, kilometers, gas, supplies, USB of all high resolution 4K video and photography evidence and, of course, our exclusive live feed updates.

Additional services such as GPS Rental, background checks, person locates and skip tracing are offered at a flat fixed rate; other services are highly customized to your case. As part of our commitment to serving as your trusted, transparent partner, all costs or fees will be shared with you prior to executing any of your services.

Absolutely. At Star Quality Private Investigations®, we are proud to be one of few Ottawa agencies licensed to sell and rent state-of-the-art GPS devices. They can be easily attached to a vehicle or property to collect real-time location data. To abide by Canadian Law, we always ensure that these devices are only used by customers who hold ownership of the tracked vehicle.
GPS Trackers are an extremely effective tool to monitor the whereabouts of a person in question should infidelity, questionable behaviour, or substance abuse be suspected. Some clients will also use these devices if living or working in an area with a high rate of car theft.

Private Investigators are highly trained and experienced in collecting time-stamped and legally obtained video footage or photography evidence that can be used within a court of law, or any other government body. We know better than anyone that video or photographic evidence doesn’t lie. If requested, all evidence can be accompanied by written reports supporting all findings. Where necessary, our team members can attend your court case to present our findings.

Other forms of evidence that can be gathered by our team of expert Private Investigators include witness testimonials, background checks, asset searches, and affidavits.

Traditionally, many Private Investigators dealt exclusively with civil investigations, therefore our exposure to the police was limited. Most of our clients suspect or know that the subject they want investigated, is, or could be involved in some kind of illegal activity and they would prefer not to involve police. No problem; our clients are always in the driver’s seat of their investigation, and you have the authority to determine who sees your collected evidence, including the police.

Other clients however, look to our Ottawa Private Investigation Agency and the experience of our team members for assistance in compiling an investigative package, so they can go to the police and pursue criminal action. When instructed by our clients, our Private Investigators, who are all former law enforcement detectives, do just that! We assemble a package with reports, photos, video footage and other evidence that yourself or your Investigator can take to your local police station. Star Quality Private Investigations® can deal with the Ottawa Police directly at the request of our clients.

Now more than ever, experienced Private Investigator agencies are requested to assist in gathering evidence for all types of investigations including family law, fraud, theft, abuse, missing persons and criminal cases. You can feel confident that our PIs have the skills and experience necessary to work in tandem with the police and have a longstanding relationship with Ottawa Law Enforcement.

Star Quality Private Investigations® launches our annual SQPI Scholarship Program for the 2022-2023 school year. We are proud to offer this scholarship to eligible Canadian students. The selected recipient(s) will be awarded a $1,500 CAD grant towards their education.

Your future is bright. And we are here to help you on your way. Achieving a dream career is tied directly to discipline, drive, integrity, ingenuity, and commitment. These attributes are cornerstones to personal and professional success. 

Managing the journey through to graduation involves knowing that finances and time will prove to be constant distractions to your efforts. Hurdles that test your resolve and challenge you in ways often not yet faced. SQPI created this annual scholarship, available to all Canadian college and university students, regardless of the area of study.

Star Quality Private Investigations® is a premiere Private Investigation agency with offices across Toronto and the GTA in Ontario. Our agency offers a full suite of professional investigation and surveillance services to all business segments and industries, government agencies and to private individuals. At the core of our industry is truth. Our deliverable is compelling evidence that ensures our clients have the truth of their situation. This clarity enables the most effective and prudent decisions to be made, or actions be taken, by our clients in reaching the most beneficial outcome.

Submission deadline: September 15, 2022
Selection date: September 20, 2022


The student shall be:

  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or other legal standing that allows them to study in Canada.
  • Accepted or enrolled in a Canadian college or university for the 2022-2023 school year.


Truth. Without it, there is always room for tragic results. Regardless of the career path one takes, regardless of the relationships in one’s life; truth plays the leading role in success. Our industry is dedicated to uncovering the truth of the matter and dedicated to operating with authenticity, integrity, expertise, and professionalism. These are the core values of SQPI. Values that are used as the benchmark in defining how our business functions, supports clients, engages communities, defines operational policies and procedures, and hires investigators. These benchmarks generate the actions required to capture the plan SQPI follows for accountability and success.


Evaluation Criteria: The selected recipient will be chosen based on the submission that: 1] best demonstrates in-depth self-reflection through their answers to the questions noted below, and 2] clearly presents their comprehensive plan for personal accountability that keeps them on track to graduating. This plan should be anchored in core values and benchmarks.

Self-Reflection Project:

1. List the core values that best reflect those aspects of yourself you refuse to sacrifice for success.

2. What does the word “integrity” mean to you?

Quick Example: “To me, integrity means having a consistent character, even when there is pressure to compromise.”

3. Have you ever had consequences for doing the right thing?

Quick Example: “In a previous position, I once had to report one of my coworkers for dishonesty even when I knew it might cost me his friendship.”

4. What do you do when you need to admit your mistakes?

Quick Example: “When I know I’ve made a mistake; I go to the person or people my mistake affected and I tell them the truth.”

5. Tell me about a time when a situation tested your integrity.

Quick Example: “A former boss once asked me to lie to his supervisor. He told me it was not a big deal and that he would take the responsibility for any consequences, but I wasn’t convinced.” 

6. How have you dealt with failure in the past?

Quick Example: “When I was searching for a job after college, I struggled to find a position in my field. I chose to …”

7. In 500-1000 words, please share your accountability plan, in detail, to ensure your own success.

All applications will be evaluated by our team. The winner of the scholarship will be notified via email on September 30, 2022. At this time, the winner must provide proof of enrollment. 


The application guidelines are as follows:

  • Your submission must be received by September 15, 2022 at midnight EST.
  • Applications should be emailed to in word format, or a PDF.
  • Applicants must include their name, address, phone number to ensure a valid submission.
  • The applicant should state the college, university, or course they are currently attending or planning to attend in the body of their submission email.
  •  No additional information should be included.

We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Trusted. Respected. Confidentialtity & Providing Results Is The Core Of Our Business.

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