Valentine’s Day is all about the magic of perfect love that shows up right before our eyes at just the right time. We’ve all seen romance movies where a woman who’s struggling to get her bakery business off the ground collides with a handsome man while she’s on her way to deliver cupcakes to an important client. The cupcakes wind up squished, and the woman rushes back to the bakery, where her resourceful best friend comes up with a novel solution to the problem. Later, we discover that the handsome man is really a prince who heads up the foundation that the cupcakes were for. I’m pretty sure you know the rest of the story!
If that’s how your dating life has turned out, congratulations, Your Highness! If not, you’re probably facing another Valentine’s Day, wondering if you’ll wind up with a secret prince or at least someone who won’t ghost you. If your Valentine’s Day goes south, your mind may entertain a variety of questions, including if the new partner is seeing someone else. How do you know if your new love interest is the real deal? It’s not too late to discover if this Valentine’s Day will be a soaring souffle or a failed flan.

The Problem

Before dating apps, you went out with people you met at work or through friends. It was hard to fake your identity unless you were a trained con man. Today, it’s very easy for people to construct plausible online identities, complete with fake friends and an invented work history. There are numerous stories of people who met their perfect match online and wound up with an empty bank account or in a relationship with someone married to someone else.

The Solution

Dating a person who turns out the be a fake can be a hilarious story to tell at parties ten years down the road, but it can also be dangerous and costly. One way to preserve the funny parts of the story and avoid the heartbreak and expense is to hire a Private Investigator to look into your potential love interest.
This may sound like an extreme option, but savvy people have been hiring Private Investigators to do this for decades. Not only do Private Investigators get you the information you need, but they also do it efficiently and discretely, always with your best interests in mind. Any investigation you do on your own, a professional Private Investigator can do more thoroughly, in a fraction of the time, without anyone being the wiser.

What a Background Check Can Tell You

Private Investigators do background checks all the time; they’re skilled at locating missing persons, uncovering employee malfeasance, and getting solid, high-quality evidence for people to use in child custody and divorce cases. Here’s what they can do to find out if your dream-come-true might turn out the be a nightmare in the making:

  • Identifying red flags: Your Private Investigator will begin by asking you questions about your relationship, noting anything unusual. Since they’re highly familiar with the tactics that scammers and catfish use, they can spot their patterns more easily than you can when you’re caught up in a whirlwind romance.
  • Surveilling your new mate: Yes, this means following them and watching what they do. A Private Investigator will follow their footsteps to find out where they go, how long they stay there, what they do while there, and who they spend time with. Anything they do in public is legal to photograph, so if you need proof with which to confront your love interest, a Private Investigator will get it for you.
  • Doing asset searches: Has your date mentioned owning a condo downtown and a ski chalet up north? A Private Investigator will scour public records and proprietary databases to figure out if they own anything at all, including a car.
  • Uncovering social media accounts: If your new love is operating several online profiles with different sets of social media accounts, a Private Investigator will triangulate the existing information about them to find those accounts and establish which accounts are authentic.
  • Compiling their criminal history: Has your prospective Valentine been found guilty of any crimes, such as identity theft, fraud, or sexual crimes?
  • Getting their education and employment history: If you’re trying to find out who someone is, there’s no better place to start than at their place of work. A Private Investigator will turn over every stone to determine if your Valentine is really a doctor, lawyer, or successful Instagram influencer or if they earn their money from more shady sources.

This Valentine’s Day, invest in your romantic future: don’t waste time on someone who isn’t going to be there for you at the end of the day. Want to make sure your new love interest is single, gainfully employed, and has a clean criminal and driving record? Call us. At Star Quality Private Investigations®, we’ve helped countless people get clarity on their most pressing questions. Using our expertise, experience, and cutting-edge tools, we have successfully carried out hundreds of background checks, saving our clients money, time, and heartache. If things get serious between you, another round of investigations can also help you prepare for the next stage of your relationship.

Don’t wait until the truth is revealed to you. Dig into yourself with help from the leading Private Investigations company in the GTA. You’ll have the solid answers you need before the first petal falls off the rose.