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The Most Common Reasons Why Women Cheat

If you tried to picture a cheating spouse right now, would the image of a man pop into your mind? If so, you’re in the majority, but the truth is that women have affairs almost as often as men. This may seem surprising, but there are many reasons women choose to stray outside their marriage. In the paragraphs below, you’ll find the most common reasons why women cheat.

She Wants an Emotional Connection

A big reason for infidelity is the desire to feel close to and connected to another person. If their primary relationship isn’t fulfilling that need, they may decide to go elsewhere for it. An extramarital affair with someone who talks about their thoughts and feelings and who asks about hers could fill that emotional void.

Her Life Lacks Excitement

Once a relationship is established, the routine can get boring. Some women miss the heady early days when they first started dating their future spouse, and everything was an intoxicating whirlwind of emotions. An affair offers that and more: the secret meetings, the hasty stolen kisses, the furtive text messages received and immediately deleted, and the thrill of seeing your lover at a party and pretending you don’t know them – all of it can add endless adventures and drama to an otherwise dull existence.

She Needs an Escape

Women’s lives can be overwhelming: children, a job, elderly parents, and a husband create demands on their time and leave little for the things they really want to do. A woman might decide to cheat so she can get some me-time. An attentive lover who only wants to please her could be just the thing, even if it’s only for a few hours here and there.

An Opportunity Arises

Sometimes it’s not a lack of excitement in her marriage but the fact that someone to cheat with was “just there.” It could happen on a business trip with colleagues when the whole team hangs out at the hotel bar until only two people are left. She might be out with friends when a friendly stranger strikes up a conversation or sweating it out at a fitness class when another attendee catches her eye. These situations are all classic examples of affairs that “just sort of happened.”

Her Self-Esteem Needs a Boost

If a woman feels like she’s not as attractive or as sexually appealing as she used to be, what better remedy than a man who worships her and constantly tells her she’s gorgeous and hot? Perhaps she feels unappreciated by her husband, but she could also be reacting to the images of “housewives” as glamorous, desirable, and thin. If her lover makes her feel like she’s 21 again, it could improve other areas of her well-being too.

She’s Transitioning Out of Her Marriage

Women considering divorce may use an affair as the reason for leaving or give them a soft landing when they leave the marriage. The person they are cheating with can also be the emotional support that helps her get through the breakup.

She’s Getting Revenge

If her partner has had an affair, a woman might have one herself as a way of getting back at her spouse. The anger might be the fuel for a stimulating dalliance, or she could think of the extramarital relationship as her “right” since her spouse has strayed outside the marriage.

Plain Old Sex!

Most people think of sex as the main reason men have affairs, but women like sex too. They might start looking for it elsewhere if they’re not getting enough satisfying sex in their marriage. The proliferation of sexual content on the internet probably exacerbates the idea that the sex they are having isn’t as romantic or exhilarating as it should be. Even if the sex itself is similar in the extramarital relationship, the thrill of sneaking around may make it seem better or more exciting.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Partner is Cheating

The worst part is not knowing. Your first course of action should be to talk to your spouse about it, but if she denies it and you still have suspicions, hiring a Private Investigator is a good next step.

A Private Investigator can find out if she’s having an extramarital affair, who her lover is, and when and where they’re meeting. They can track your spouse’s movements and get photographs and video of their activities using their high levels of skill and expertise combined with sophisticated technology and equipment.

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