How Private Investigators Get the Information You Need

Private Investigations might seem like something from a bygone era. After all, with technology being what it is, from home security cameras to cell phones and, of course, social media, it’s pretty easy to learn what people are up to. You may be surprised to know that the Private Investigations industry is alive and well and operating in the GTA.

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance involves monitoring people, situations, or settings and gathering information about them. Collecting evidence of wrongdoing is often part of a surveillance operation. Surveillance can be performed electronically, using technology such as GPS tracking, or physically, by observing people or settings and recording their activities.

What is Surveillance Used For?

All sorts of people and organizations use Private Investigators’ surveillance capabilities. The most common applications are:

  • Catching a cheating spouse
    If you suspect your partner is seeing someone else, professional surveillance will reveal the truth, good or bad. They will follow your spouse for as long as it takes, no matter what means of transportation they use.
  • Investigating insurance fraud
    We’ve all heard stories about someone who knows someone who is on disability due to a workplace injury but is well enough to go skiing in Banff or dancing in Vegas and post about it on Instagram. Employers and insurance companies often hire Private Investigators to track these people and find out what they’re really up to while they’re on leave.
  • Checking on minor children
    Whether they’re with an ex or hanging out with a new group of friends, we worry about the welfare of our children. Hiring a Private Investigator to look into the people they are associating with gives parents peace of mind. If there is anything improper or illegal happening to them, the Private Investigator will gather the evidence needed to prove it.
  • Looking into corporate theft
    Employee theft can range from stealing office supplies to running a large-scale operation diverting company assets to a resale network. Whatever the scale of the theft, a Private Investigator can find out who is damaging the company’s bottom line.

Can I Do My Own Surveillance?

  • No. The lawyers that sit on our Board of Directors absolutely do not recommended conducting surveillance unless you are a licenced private investigator. Often when people start to play private detective, they compromise their case and can lose valuable evidence. Additionally, the subject could catch on you are following them. This could also be problematic if the subject sees it as harassment from you. There’s nothing stopping someone from following a person themselves, but a licenced Private Investigator is a much better, legal option. There are many advantages to hiring one for your case, including the following:
  • Dedicating time to your case
    This is their work, so they can and will spend all day waiting for a target to show up or watching them as they go about their day. They also know how to make optimal use of their time in the field, getting you the answers you need as quickly as possible.
  • Moving about undetected
    It’s not easy to follow someone in a car or onto the bus without them noticing, especially if it’s someone who might recognize you. Private Investigators have years of experience doing just that.
  • Access to high-quality photography and video equipment
    You need a long lens and the skills to use it to capture the sort of evidence that will stand up in court. Investing in the equipment is an option, but why not invest in Private Investigation services for a fraction of the price?
  • Objectivity
    You might have a cold heart from dealing with your upsetting situation, but you need a cool head to do surveillance. Private Investigators don’t have an emotional stake in your case and can go about the job with clear eyes.
  • Experience
    Above all, Private Investigators have years, often decades, doing similar work. The best agencies hire former law enforcement and other investigative personnel for their surveillance work. There’s no substitute for the skills and instincts that they develop doing this sort of work.
  • Knowing what’s admissible in court
    If you need evidence for a legal matter, a Private Investigator won’t waste your time or your lawyer’s time with evidence that a court won’t take seriously. To prove your case, you need clear photos, video, or audio that were collected legally. Most Private Investigators have often interacted with the court and are comfortable preparing evidence for presentation.

Star Quality Private Investigations® has a track record of decades of surveillance success, including infidelity investigations, cases related to separation, divorce, and child custody, corporate investigations, cases involving missing persons and much more. As the leading Private Investigations company in the GTA, we only hire top former law enforcement and investigations professionals whose surveillance experience is second to none. If you need answers and you want them asap, call us today. We have experts ready to start on your case at any time, night or day.