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5 Situations When You Should Request a Background Check

Now let’s get one thing straight: background checks are not only about uncovering dirt of an individual’s personal life. Nor are they solely intended to uncover skeletons in one’s closet, ...
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How Can a Private Investigator Help with a Child Custody Case?

The truth is: sh** happens and guess what? Divorce happens. When children are involved, the situation can become more intense and challenging. When two people agree to terminate their marriage, ...
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Are Private Investigators Legal in Canada?

Despite the portrayal of private investigators in film and television as those working beneath the law, licensed PI’s are in fact legal practitioners. Private investigators in Canada are licensed under ...
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5 Important Things a Pre-Marriage Background Check Will Tell You

If you are considering marriage, you want to be sure that the person with whom you're going to share your life is the right one. And certainly, love and emotions ...
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