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How Can A Private Investigator Help With Child Custody?

“My friend Mike is a great dad, but his ex-wife got custody of their kids because she accused him of abuse. What if that happens to me too?” Kevin, father of two toddlers.

“The kids spend much more time with their dad because he works from home, and I travel a lot. Now that we’re getting divorced, he’s saying I’m never home. I’m worried I’ll lose my access to my daughters.” Maya, mother of two teenage girls.

There’s a lot at stake in a custody battle, and it can seem like it all comes down to who said what about whom. How can you go into a court case feeling confident about your chances? What is the best way to prepare? This article will discuss these questions and how a Private Investigator can help with your custody case.

Judges Like Facts
Ideally, every decision made in a courtroom is based on hard facts. But if you’ve ever watched an actual trial on TV, you know there are facts, and then there are FACTS.

Let’s say you’ve seen your partner neglect your children, or you know that they’ve brought them to events that aren’t suitable for them. Or maybe your partner has some new habits that you don’t want them to do around your kids. These are all good reasons to restrict your partner’s access, but your partner will probably have strong arguments of their own. It could come down to whose facts sound more like FACTS.

Facts vs. FACTS

Your best strategy is to make your evidence indisputable; that makes the judge’s decision easier and gives you an advantage. Collect all the evidence you can that will support what you are saying, even if it seems minor.

  • Take careful notes of conversations you have with your partner and your children. Note down anything your partner says to your children.
  • Record your partner’s comings and goings, especially when they’re with your children.
  • Collect and secure any relevant documents.
  • Comb through your emails and texts for anything that shines a light on your partner’s behaviour.
  • Organize your evidence, so it clearly supports the points you want to make.

The Private Investigation Edge
With solid evidence to back up your claims, you have plenty to make your case. But you still don’t know what your partner will say about you, your parenting skills, and your relationship with your children. If you’re worried about surprises coming up during your case, consider partnering with a Private Investigations company to shore up your evidence. Here’s how this extra step can help:

  • Experience in court: Private Investigators know what types of evidence are effective in court. They have the experience to evaluate what you already have and to help you organize it in the most impactful way possible.
  • Collecting strong evidence: Some types of records are easy to get, but others take skill, knowledge, specialized techniques, and sophisticated equipment. Searches of public records can uncover debts, assets, criminal convictions, business and vehicle ownerships, accident reports, and more. These could weigh into rulings about child support payments as well as custody and access. Social media searches can show who your partner is associating with, where they’re going, and what they’re doing. Covert surveillance, which is done using top-quality recording equipment, reveals what your partner is up to and preserves excellent photographic and video evidence for you to use in court. Private Investigators can also interview potential witnesses and ask them to give statements or testify on your behalf.
  • Providing you with support: Private investigators deal with marriage breakups all the time, so they can stay objective while helping you get your case together. Part of their job is to provide guidance and a steadying hand even if you’re unsure what to do next.
  • Focusing on your case: You have other responsibilities in your life; a Private Investigator can devote their days (and nights if needed) to working on your child custody matter.

The Star Quality Private Investigations Advantage

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