After a long period of confinement and isolation, people are going out again, getting together with others, and having fun. Are you worried that your partner is making up for the lost time by going a little too much or by having a little too much fun? How do you know if they’re just letting off steam or if there’s another reason for their new behaviours? Here are the top ten signs that your partner is being unfaithful to you:

  1. Paying more attention to personal appearance. This could include wardrobe improvements, working out more, or more thorough grooming. For example, if your husband is cheating, he might start shaving body parts that he’s never shaved before, or if your wife is cheating, she might start wearing more form-fitting outfits.
  2. Going MIA more than usual. Extramarital relationships involve covert meetings. If there are periods where your partner doesn’t respond to your phone calls or texts, perhaps they are “otherwise occupied.” These absences could be for legitimate reasons but suspect an undisclosed secret if your spouse gets nervous when you ask.
  3. Your partner’s explanations for absences are either too detailed OR too vague. This indicates that your partner has spent a lot of time thinking about how to disguise the infidelity, or they’re hoping vagueness will throw you off the scent.
  4. Shielding their phone and computer from you. If your spouse has started taking their phone into the bathroom or has suddenly put passwords on all their devices, something is being hidden from you. Maybe a special trip is in the works for the two of you, but perhaps they’re exchanging sexts with someone else.
  5. Your sex life has changed. Your spouse might initiate sex more often, lose interest in sex, or unexpectedly suggest new techniques and positions.
  6. Changes to their car. If your spouse is cheating, they will need to meet the other person somewhere far from your home and sometimes travel with their lover in the car. Has the mileage suddenly gone up? Is your spouse spending more on gas? Have the settings of the passenger seat been changed? Are there a lot of bugs on the windshield even though you live in the city?
  7. Unexplained credit card charges. An unfaithful partner usually pays for everything in cash, but everyone slips up at some point. Look for charges from companies you don’t recognize and expenditures that don’t match your partner’s usual patterns. Watch for new credit cards and promotional mailings that don’t make sense (ex: cruise lines when you’ve never taken a cruise or jewelry stores where you’ve never bought anything).
  8. Frequently mentioning a particular person. If your partner is having an affair, they might have trouble keeping their lover’s name out of daily conversations. If you hear the same name a lot, even if it’s a casual mention here or there, suspect that this person is more than just an acquaintance or coworker.
  9. Increased interest in your schedule. If your partner wasn’t a stickler for punctuality before but suddenly wants to know exactly what time you’ll be home, they could be arranging to meet with someone while you’re not around.
  10. Arguing with you more, OR being nicer and more accommodating. Is your spouse picking more fights or flying off the handle for no reason? The regular ups and downs of your relationship may be becoming annoying. Misleading you by being exceptionally kind and understanding of your own absences is another tactic a cheating spouse might use

Take this list with a grain of salt because there could be many reasons for a change in your partner’s behaviour. At the same time, a lack of suspicious behaviours might also be suspicious because many people know the common signs of cheating and try to avoid them.

So how do you get your peace of mind back if you think your partner is stepping out on you? First, you need to trust your instincts. You know when there’s a serious change in your relationship, and you need to follow up on it so you can get on with your life. One way to do that is to hire a Private Investigator. Here’s how they can help:

  • Surveilling your partner: this could include following them and covertly taking photos or videos when your partner meets with someone
  • Tracking your partner via GPS to see where they go and how long they stay there
  • Locating and monitoring their social media accounts
  • Searching public and proprietary databases for evidence of unusual activity (ex: property purchases that you were not aware of)

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