The statistics on mental health in Canada are staggering, and they’ve only gotten worse with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have felt isolated and hopeless, and having to miss school has left children feeling frustrated as they struggled to do their schoolwork online with fewer resources than they would have in the classroom.

Recent research has revealed these alarming facts:

  • 56% of Canadians struggling with mental health issues aren’t getting the help they need. They’re either unable to access resources, or they feel that the help they are getting is not sufficient.
  • The number of people reporting high levels of anxiety went from 7% just before the pandemic to 23% during the pandemic. Since the height of the pandemic, this has decreased to 11%, which is still shockingly high.
  • 10% of all Canadians sought help for mental health problems, and an additional 5% believe they should be talking to someone about their mental health.
  • Approximately 20 people in Canada die each day from opioid overdoses. This also increased during the pandemic.
  • Every day, approximately 200 Canadian residents attempt suicide. On average, we lose 17 of them. This amounts to 4500 people who die every year from suicide in Canada.

These facts are extremely concerning, especially given the recent increases. We at Star Quality Private Investigations® are deeply committed to the well-being of the communities we serve. In addition to providing financial support to organizations that focus on mental health, we strive to develop our own understanding of the mental health issues in the cases we take on, and we respond to our clients and their families with their psychological wellness in mind. We believe that together, we can reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and create better relationships and a better society for everyone.

If you have a loved one you’re concerned about, you may be wondering if a private investigator can help. Although we can’t directly assist with the mental health aspect of the situation, we can get you information about their daily activities, which will help you make decisions about the best way to intervene. These are the services we can provide:
Discreetly surveilling your loved one.

  • Discreetly surveilling your loved one. You may need information about whether they’re leaving the house, where they go every day, and who they’re spending time with. Our highly skilled investigators can monitor their home and surveil them wherever they may go. They will note who they are meeting with and what activities they’re engaging in.
  • Monitoring social media accounts. They may have social media accounts you’re unaware of, which can provide information about their mental health status and anything harming them. Our Private Investigators can devote the time and resources to uncovering and monitoring these accounts.
  • Interviewing people who may have more information about your loved one. They may be confiding in people you don’t know, and these people may have helpful insights. When it comes to uncovering facts, our skilled Private Investigators know who to ask, what to ask, and how to ask.

Mental health issues play a role in many worrying situations. The police can only do so much to help, which can leave you frustrated and even desperate. Don’t wait any longer for the answers you need: Star Quality Private Investigations® can start working on your case right away. With a 20-year+ record of results-based success in the GTA, you can trust us to find out what’s happening with the person you’re worried about and that we do it with the utmost grace and compassion. Contact us at any time, night or day, to talk about your case and how we can help.
If you are in crisis, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 911